About Us

Every thing you need to know about Luxe Refurbs

Luxe Refurbs is a high-end home improvement company in London that offers luxury renovation to transform your living space.

We started as a small company with a team of two, but with our constant hard work and sheer determination, we have managed to earn the recognition and trust that is mandatory to make any business a success.

Today, we boast our wealth of experience, along with the expansion of our business. Our team is now inclusive of numerous designers, photographers, advisors, contractors and sale agents.

With our experts, Luxe Refurbs not only give you a flawless extravagant interior by paying immense attention to detail, but we also make sure that your home is cleaned before we depart.

With some of the greatest videographers and photographers on board, we also create spectacular before and after interior transformation videos. This is especially helpful for customers who like to make sure they have made the right decision by hiring us, as they can now check our interior transformation videos before making the big decision.

Luxe Refurbs takes great pride in the fact that some of the most celebrated personalities, such as Jessica Wright, Tiffany Watson and Mark Wallace have chosen to work with us.

Since we are spread across the country, you can call for our services irrespective of where you are located in England. So, wait no more and get the quote!