Bathroom Fitting in Marylebone

Before After Bathroom Fitting in MaryleboneBathroom Fitting in Marylebone

This was a challenging project in Marylebone, but we like challenges! The home owner needed the old floor taken up and the tiling renovated, but they needed to keep the legacy tile wall feature. This bathroom fitting in Marylebone was one of our great works.

We were able to work around the tile feature, even improving its look and extending the wall’s useful life dramatically whilst leaving most of the antique work in place exactly as it was. Once the new floor went in, the entire bathroom was transformed.

One of our most popular potions is a complete, top to bottom bathroom makeover. This would include a complete, top name bathroom suite and shower enclosure, expert tiling, brand new ecologically friendly and / or smart house capable lighting, ceiling, flooring, mirrors, hardware, blinds and other bathroom accessories.

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