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Bathroom Refurbishment In London

Bathroom Refurbishment

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If you are planning a bathroom refurbishment for your home in London, or if you wish to add an ensuite to add a touch of glamour in your home, Luxe Refurbs’s team of professionals can assist you throughout the process.

Our panel of experts comprises experienced designers, plumbers, engineers, as well as electricians. We pride ourselves in delivering flawless workmanship, along with a marvelous execution of the tasks.

One of the major selling points of Luxe Refurbs is that we provide an all-inclusive team. Whether there is a need to add texture with woodworking, or you wish to integrate the latest bathtubs, our teams can handle all of your demands. You can sit down with our designers to enlighten them about your design aesthetic. Based on your requirements, we will deliver the dream bathroom that you have envisioned.

The bathroom designers at Luxe Refurbs focus on two primary elements. We take the time to understand your design aesthetic to deliver a luxury bathroom remodel in London, which makes the room your sanctuary.

Bathroom Designs Repair & Installation

With our bathroom refurbishment service in London, you can expect the ensuing services:

● Our designers are well-versed in the art of design. You can count on the attention to detail, as well as the ability of our experts to work with small spaces. From adding statement walls to picking out complementary art, the design team at Luxe Refurbs does it all.
● Our designers collaborate with electricians, who can ensure the seamless integration of contemporary light fixtures to make your bathroom a soothing and comfortable space.
● Our teams are further inclusive of plumbing experts holding years of experience. We make sure that all the intricacies are handled flawlessly, so the room can look and function exceptionally.
● Being perfectionists, we certify that all the work is carried out respectfully on your property. In addition to protecting the flooring or external walls, our teams take every measure to ensure protection from any potential damage.
● We cover all the bases. Our bathroom contractors ensure that all bathroom and plumbing plans are aligned with the building and area regulations and guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The duration of the project varies from project to project. The type of bathroom renovation can determine the length of its duration. For example, bathrooms that need to be relocated would take longer than those that required updates. You can contact our customer support to learn more about the expected duration of the project.

The teams at Luxe Refurbs manage everything that needs to be managed for the refurbishment process. However, if you still want to get involved, you can look at magazines and inform us about your design aesthetics.

The bathroom refurbishment service covers the following:
● Design
● Flooring
● Countertop installation
● Selection of materials
● Floor tile installation
● Medicine cabinet installation
● Electric wiring
● Light fixtures installation
● Wall preparation
● Accessories installation
● Demolition
● Wall tile installation
● Painting
● Plumbing
● Plumbing fixture installation
● Touch up and cleaning

Yes, our designers focus on every little detail, therefore, we can provide consultations on the materials you select. That said, you will have the final say over what materials are used.

As we have an in-house team of designers, you do not have to provide us with a design layout. However, if you have a vision of what you want, our teams would be more than happy to help you bring it to life!

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