Kitchen Refurbishment

Kitchen Refurbishment

Kitchen Refurbishment In London

The kitchen space should be visually appealing, as well as functional. With our team of experienced remodelling contractors, Luxe Refurbs delivers a dream kitchen.

Our primary goal is to amalgamate the elements of design and function to create a space that is an eye-catching phenomenon. We focus on providing convenient solutions to streamline the process of cooking, while simultaneously coming up with effective and intelligent storage options.

From handling space arrangements for the display of food to creating a comfortable space for cooking, Luxe Refurbs does it all. Our teams of contractors work closely with experienced designers, who focus on every detail to deliver a luxury kitchen renovation.

Whether you want a small kitchen remodel, or wish to transform the existing layout into an open-concept space, our teams can cater to any of your kitchen fantasies.

Kitchen Refurbishment Company

Immaculate design

At Luxe Refurbs, we pride ourselves on formulating a visually striking design. You can collaborate with our designers to provide an insight into your specific design aesthetic. Based on your individual requirements, our kitchen remodel service in London can return you with a luxury kitchen.

Safe electricals

Being one of the best kitchen remodelling companies in London, Luxe Refurbs provides a complete service. Our design teams collaborate with technicians to install safe and concealed electrical solutions. Our opulent decoration services do not compromise on safety or aesthetics.

Top-grade appliance integration

Luxe Refurbs has earned a reputation for being one of the top kitchen renovation companies. This is because we transform any living space into a work of art. In addition to unique and contemporary design, we culminate the projects by installing the most updated appliances, so you can enjoy your time in the kitchen!

Versatile service

Our kitchen refurbishment service in London is not only limited to homes. We also take on projects for restaurants and hotels. For a commercial renovation, our teams create floor plans that facilitate a smooth flow of operations. We furnish the space with state-of-the-art appliances, colour-coordinated themes and quintessential design elements.



Kitchen Refurbishment FAQs

Luxe Refurbs provides a complete service. Our Kitchen renovation contractors will take care of everything for you. The teams will clean up the space to make the process effective. We would also remove any existing furniture and cover up the space to prevent any unintended damage. Once the renovation process is complete, our experts would clean up the renovation residue before leaving.

Our refurbishment service manages every aspect of the renovation project. Our teams consist of experienced designers who work with contractors, painters, plumbers, electrical technicians, as well as engineers to certify that everything is up to code.
While every project is customised to meet the need of an individual client, the following areas are mostly covered:

The installation of new sinks and contemporary faucets
Precise fitting of new appliances
Integration of eye-catching backsplashes
The installation of complementing light fixtures
Mounting of kitchen cabinets, featuring exquisite attention to detail
The creation and installation of elegant countertops
Integration of kitchen doors, along with door hardware
The painting of walls in a cohesive colour story
The performance of plumbing and demolition projects
The installation of floors, as well as subfloor preparation

We only deal with high-quality materials in renovation projects. Our teams use top-notch tools and equipment to create long-lasting and durable solutions.

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