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Some home or office repairs can be put off for a while. A leaky tap may not be an emergency, and a loose floorboard can wait months. But when the lights won’t turn on, the circuit breakers keep tripping or you hear that unnerving crackling sound, you need someone to sort it right away!

Luxe Refurbs have quickly become the local electricians of choice throughout St John’s Wood, Camden, Swiss Cottage, Finchley, Notting Hill, South Hampstead and West Hampstead. We work with property owners, builders, developers and others throughout West and Central London to deliver top quality electrical fitting, repair, and upgrade work of all kinds.

The reason we have this reputation is that every customer we work with is completely satisfied with the quality, safety and physical appearance of the work that we do. That’s why our customers say that Luxe Refurbs are the people to call first!

Electricals are the most important thing to consider for any building. Luxe Refurbs has earned the title of being one of the top local electrician companies, as we prioritise safety and obligation to the standard regulations.

Our electrical contractors in London are up to code with the area’s requirements. The professional electricians are accredited with recognised certifications, thus making them extremely qualified to handle the electricals of your residential or commercial projects.

At Luxe Refurbs, you can benefit from a complete service. Our experts work with designers and engineers to ensure that electrical work creates a visual appeal. You can inform our designers about your budget and we can help you pick out the right light fixtures and appliances.

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London Electrical Contractors

Luxe Refurbs extends its electrician services all over London. Our experts are popular in the areas of St John’s Wood, Camden, Swiss Cottage, Finchley, Notting Hill, South Hampstead and West Hampstead and more. You can get in touch with our customer care representatives to learn more about the areas that we provide our services in.

Smart Home Automation

Our team is mostly popular for our impeccable smart home electricians. The process of smart home automation involves the integration of intelligent systems, such as smart appliances, smart lighting, integrated intercom, keyless entry systems and more. This system empowers you to be able to control all elements of your home or office.

Quality Tools and Equipment

Essentially, our experts can help you pick out light fixtures, premium electric appliances, and other gadgets to ensure that you do not miss out on a novel deal. In addition to using luxury materials, Luxe Refurbs further makes use of top-quality tools to certify effectiveness in the job. 

Safety and Security

The team at Luxe Refurbs takes every measure to ensure the safety of the worker, as well as the property. The electricians are provided with all the relevant Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to make sure that there are no safety hazards. Additionally, if any modifications in the property are made to install the electrical appliances, we make sure that the damage is repaired before the team exits the property.

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The charges for each service may vary. Get in touch with our customer service agents to get an estimate.

You can easily book our services by giving us a call or writing us an email.

Any piece of rubbish that results from the service is taken by our teams and is properly disposed of. Your property is left spotless once the electricians depart.

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